The Darlie Routier Case

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    This site seeks to provide information about the case of Darlie Routier. Darlie is on death row in Texas for a crime she has steadfastly maintained she did not commit.

    A growing body of evidence supports her claims of innocence.

    Please take time to learn about Darlie’s case. Join us in speaking out.

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Court Reporters

Sandra Halsey

Court reporter who was decertified by the State Board for her inaccurate recording of proceedings at Darlie’s trial.

Suzy Crowley

Halsey’s daughter and a transcription scopist who used tapes of the guilt and punishment phases of the trial to make permanent changes to the English translation of the original proceedings on the disks

Tommy Mullins, Judy Miller, and Jerry Calloway

Certified court reporters that the court appointed on November 4, 1998, to conduct a review and to compare notes and disks to Halsey’s record. They were to determine whether Halsey’s report could be certified.

Susan Simmons

Certified the amended trial record. In her July, 2002, affidavit she claimed that trial court reporter Sandra Halsey was aware that the record she signed was inaccurate and mistake ridden.

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