The Darlie Routier Case

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    This site seeks to provide information about the case of Darlie Routier. Darlie is on death row in Texas for a crime she has steadfastly maintained she did not commit.

    A growing body of evidence supports her claims of innocence.

    Please take time to learn about Darlie’s case. Join us in speaking out.

    Use the site map located here, the search tool below, or click on the headers at the top of the page to navigate the site.

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Case Files

Arrest Report


Autopsy Reports

Devon Routier – pdf

Damon Routier – pdf

Crime Scene Map


Fingerprint Cards

Darlie Routier – pdf

Lead Sheets/Telephone Memos


Rowlett PD Press Releases





Darlie Lynn Routier statement June 8, 1996 – pdf  Transcribed

Darin Eugene Routier statement June 8, 1996 – pdf  Transcribed

Darin’s statement, for the most part, was barely legible and the grammatical structure of sentences, as written by him, have been maintained .

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